Our manufacturing process established us as a leader in the Responsible Modular Housing market, employing the latest technologies and systems to produce an energy efficient and green modular home components.

We are committed to energy efficiency and all our standard home

components roll out ready to be constructed by our authorized builders into homes that can earn the ENERGY STAR label

While many manufacturers advertise and promote green building - yet struggle to deliver on the promise, we can actually deliver a Silver or Gold Rated Green Built home right from the factory. (Whether you subscribe to the LEEDS program or the NAHB Green Building program) Builders and their homeowners can then complete the home, with instruction from the factory, to achieve the highest rating available for their

particular project.

Traditional craftsmanship employing modern technologies  make it possible to create a superior product using better

performing components. Homes that are built under the factory roof never experience moisture, the root cause of mold and mildew. Factory built homes also produce less material waste because we maximize the usage of all raw materials through our design and production planning, leaving very little scrap. Our factory is organized in a horseshoe style and we use low-pressure air-pad system to hovercraft or move our modules through the manufacturing process. This system allows us to adjust to current conditions within the factory flow for alterations in the production schedule. Our factory is equipped with high output energy efficient lighting and the air compressor system used for production and module movement is the most efficient of its kind. Efficient building practices also extend into durability and lifespan because modular homes are constructed stronger than stick built because they must survive the assembly process, delivery and crane ride at your site.

Presented by New England Homes your investment in quality and value. Your home will be manufactured using the most advanced preferred building systems. Our plant is state of the art; our pride as an industry leader focuses on the talent of our staff and the highest quality materials used to develop your home.

Pride for us equals

value to you.